Give freely

Giving your time, talents, and treasures develops a thankful and joyful heart. We give freely because God gave everything for us.

Give online

Here is one way that you can give of your treasures!

Just add the amount you'd like to give, choose the fund you'd like to give to, and choose how often you'd like to give that amount to that fund.

On the next screen, you'll be asked to log in to your Subsplash Giving account OR proceed as a guest to give securely. We strongly encourage you to create an account to make it easier to give next time.

All financial contributions are tax deductible.

Give of your talents

God's given each of us a number of talents that we can use to glorify Him.

Whether that's service, hospitality, administration, encouragement, technology, music, teaching or something else, we want you to have room to use your talents at Hope City Church.

Find out how you can join the the Dream Team today to start using your talents for His kingdom.

Give of your time

If Hope City Church failed to exist, would Providence know that we were gone?

One goal we have is for our city to know that we're here by the positive impact we're making. That means serving our community through ESL classes, Celebrate Recovery, volunteering at the food pantry, and organizing other service projects.

Want to know how you can get involved? Let us know below!

Sign up to serve

Let us know where your skills and passions lie and we'll help you find ways to give freely of your talents and time.